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ScreenX FAQs

  • ScreenX highlights cinema’s scope and scale across 3 screens, in 270-degree panorama. Elevated action sequences, breathtaking scenery, heightened emotions—an unforgettable movie theatre experience.
  • ScreenX is immersive, theatrical moviegoing—you’ll feel like you’re in the movie.
  • ScreenX projects films not only onto the theatre’s main screen, but onto the left and right side walls of the auditorium—a unique format that simply cannot be replicated at home.
  • The result is a cinematic immersion that simply cannot be replicated at home.
  • It’s a premium, visually stunning theatrical moviegoing experience.
  • It’s an entertainment experience you can’t get at home.
  • ScreenX showcases a unique viewing experience for first-time viewers, as well as a wholly new perspective for audiences returning to see a favorite film for the second or third time.
  • ScreenX is a value—a truly stunning, but also accessible experience.

All screen content is newly-created content made specially for the film. The content displayed in ScreenX is not featured in the standard format of the movie. No content or sequences are stretched or cropped in any way.

Some ScreenX theatres are capable of 3D. Please check with your local theatre to see if yours features ScreenX & 3D capabilities.

No. ScreenX wing content will only appear during specific sequences throughout each title. Each title will feature approximately 60 minutes of added exclusive story-enhancing imagery.

ScreenX ticket prices vary by market. Please check with your local theatre for pricing.

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