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Revolutionize the way you experience movies with D-BOX! 

D-BOX enhances your movie experience by moving the body and sparking the imagination through a series of perfectly synchronized movements, vibrations and textures that allow you to feel every moment as if you were in it. With comfortable seats and the ability to personalize the intensity of the movement, D-BOX goes beyond sight and sound by bringing your entire body into the theatrical experience. By synchronizing the movement with what's happening on the big screen, D-BOX provides you with a unique, hyper-realistic and immersive entertainment experience that you won't soon forget-- making it a great and exciting upgrade!

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D-BOX Theatres


Cinemark West Plano and XD

Plano, TX 1.9 miles

Cinemark Legacy and XD

Plano, TX 7 miles

Cinemark 17 XD and IMAX

Dallas, TX 9.4 miles

Cinemark Alliance Town Center and XD

Fort Worth, TX 30.8 miles
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